Your Genome is NOT Your Destiny

"Ask NOT what your genome can do for you. As what you can do for your genome"
(Pellionisz at Cold Spring Harbor, Sept. 14, 2009)

Dr. Pellionisz paraphrased the sound bite of the JFK inaugural at Opening Session of the Personal Genomes meeting in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Sept. 14-17, 2009.

[JFK inaugural at 4:00]

Pellionisz referred to leaders expressing this disruption of old lethargic attitude on web-video like Harvard Genomics Professor George Church and Knome co-founder Jorge Conde. Prof. Church touches on the present stage that "there is no genomics" [Genomics and Epigenomics is Hologenomics - AJP], and the ultimate goal is that "the genome should never be your destiny".

George Church: "Your Genome is NOT your Destiny"

Pellionisz explained in his Google Tech Talk YouTube [27:49] that the theoretical disruption from envisioning the Genome as a DNA>RNA>PROTEIN "dead end" (a closed system) towards the thermodinamically open system of the HoloGenome. As laid out in "The Principle of Recursive Genome Function" the PROTEIN>DNA information (for half a Century "forbidden" by Crick's "Central Dogma of Molecular Biology") makes the HoloGenome a thermodynamically open system, where a mandated ever-increasing entropy no longer applies.

The Circle of Hope (YouTube at 34:43)

The "Circle of Hope" is explained both in the peer-reviewed academic paper of The Principle of Recursive Genome Function as well as in the Google Tech Talk YouTube - with the profound implications on the society [see Google Tech YouTube at 34:43].

At this time, when PacBio and Oxford Nanopore just announced their capability of sequencing not just the DNA but its methylation, there is a flood of scientists to educate the public that "the fear factor" of your genome is, indeed, NOT knowing what hazards it may harbor.

Those should fear their future who don't know - and thus may fail to deploy sometimes as easy preventive measures as taking the right personalized vitamins, food additives, foods - and seek or avoid environmental factors, in order to "fix or fit" their genome best.