Non Primarily Coding DNA (formerly "Junk DNA") Visual Gallery

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"Junk DNA" holds the key to Biotech, Nanotech, Infotech.
Issued U.S. "Junk DNA patents" generated over $15 million in license fees just in the last year.


Malcolm Simons, inventor of two U.S. "Junk DNA" patents


2003 Keynote Speakers at the venerable Electrochemical Society (Orlando, Florida)

Pellionisz, speaking on FractoGene (inventor of U.S. patent pending) and Guo,
a pioneer of artificial protein-based nanotechnology device


2004 Keynote Speaker at the IEEE organized, HP supported ECSB2004 at Stanford

Benoit Mandelbrot, 2004 Keynote Speaker on Fractals in DNA R&D

Organizers of the IEEE endorsed, HP supported ECSB2004 at Stanford

Vicky and Peter Markstein

Pictures from IEEE organized, HP sponsored Bioinformatics Symposium at Stanford, 2004

Mandelbrot (Yale & IBM) and wife and Pellionisz (HelixoMetry)

Mandelbrot (Yale & IBM) couple, Markstein (HP) and Pellionisz (HelixoMetry)

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