Board of HolGenTech, Inc.

Founder, Chairman & Director of the Board

Andras Pellionisz, Ph.D. bio

Board Executive Adviser

Roy Graham (Bus-Dev in Serial/Parallel Computing, degree in Mathematical Physics, Silicon Valley, USA) bio

Board of Science Advisers

George Church, Ph.D. (Professor of Genomics at Harvard, USA) bio

Katsushi Arisaka, Ph.D. (Professor of Biophysics at UCLA, USA) bio

Nola Masterson, Ph.D. (Managing Director, Science Futures VC, Silicon Valley, USA) bio

Bela Bollobas, Ph.D. (Fellow of Royal Society, Prof. Mathematics, Cambridge, UK) bio

Zoltan Egyed (Googler) resigned B.o.A. of HolGenTech, effective November 7, 2013 to avoid conflict of interest.
Holgentech Board has no "insider employee" with Google, Apple, Microsoft, nor comparable IT giants. Negotiates
"at arms length" carefully picked "sector-selective exclusive licensing" of FractoGene patent 8,280,641

Zoltan Egyed, Ph.D. (Google, Silicon Valley, USA)