About HolGenTech, Inc.

HolGenTech, Inc. is a Silicon Valley (California) Genome Interpretation company, based on the Founder's unique and far-reaching intellectual property. The company was founded on the basis of HoloGenomics: the synthesis of Genomics and Epigenomics expressed in Informatics calling for novel architectures of genome computing. While the science proof of concepts were plentiful, funding required the issue of "FractoGene" patent (October 2, 2012)

HolGenTech is foundational to the Genome Based Economy upon us. Much as it took Microsoft to create the utility of the personal computer, HolGenTech makes the personal genome work for us. Using software and accelerated computing power, HolGenTech unlocks personalized genome information for a world of applications in the Genome Based Economy.

First in the Genome Based Economy is Healthcare, about to change, and dramatically. New discoveries about the genome were revealed in June of 2007 with National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealing that 98.7 percent of genomic material had been unjustly ignored. Though tremendous funds were invested in genomics from the late 1980s into the new millennium, no proportional acceleration in cures for disease are on record. NIH's 2007 admission (ENCODE 2007) gave rise to a completely new investment opportunities and new hopes for genomics. With ENCODE 2012 (September 6), results were confirmed even stronger - calling for interpretation of genic- and non-genic parts of the genome. In the same week of announcement of ENCODE 2012, the "FractoGene" US-patent 8,280,641 was awarded by USPTO to sole inventor and owner Dr. Pellionisz (see "Press").

HolGenTech founder, Dr. Andras Pellionisz' bio is here