Genome Based Economy, 2012
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"Genome Based Economy" can only unfold with software-enabling mathematical framework
of genome (mis)regulation

Landmarks of Decade of Uncertainty in Genomics 

2002 "Human Genome Project" - full DNA sequence available, with interpretation where "Our concepts of genome function are 'Frighteningly Unsophisticated' (Venter)":

Genome = 1.3% "Genes" and 97.3% "Junk DNA", where genome regulation can not be recursive
because of the "Central Dogma" arrow-model of DNA-RNA-PROTEIN, where "information from proteins can
NEVER recurse" to DNA

2002 "FractoGene" concept introduced

2007 "ENCODE" concluded "The scientific community has to re-think long-held beliefs" (Collins):
Gerstein, Snyder et. al. 2007 "The gene concept is no longer valid"

2008 Obsolete axioms surpassed by "The Principle of Recursive Genome Function" paper YouTube

2012 September 6th, "ENCODE" finally gives in; no more "Junk DNA" - "Horror Vacui" in Genome Informatics

2012 October 2nd, FractoGene Patent Issued

What is "Genome Based Economy"?

Phase 1 of a modern "Genome Based Economy" was proven by Nobelist (1970) Norman Borlaug; "Father of the Green Revolution". He single-handedly saved billions of lives from starvation through genetics. The genome-based Green Revolution enabled China to become a Superpower and India to become a Tecnology Powerhouse, changing Global Economy. (Juan Enriquez explains Norman Borlaug' pioneering in the TED video). In 2009, at age 95, Dr Borlaug (the only person who was more decorated than him was Mother Theresa) initiates a "Second Green Revolution" to keep up with the population now at 7 billions:

Phase 2 of "Genome Based Economy" was written up masterfully by Juan Enriquez (2001) - as the Human Genome Project emerged with our explicite genome:

Phase 3 Genome is Information

Phase 4 Energy supply is to be based on Genome

Phase 5 of a "Genome Based Economy" was introduced at
Churchill Club, January 22, 2009. See written up in HoloGenomics news column (by Suzanne Matick) and in Forbes (by Ed Sperling). Later developments are followed here.

Dr. Pellionisz answered the question by Moderator Phyllis Whiteley (Mohr Davidow Ventures) what our "Genome Based Economy" was: "The economy has always been 'genome based' - because people bought - in a market economy - what they decided as 'best for them'. The decision was implicitly 'genome based', since ultimately it is everyone's genome that determines what one likes or dislikes". (We might add, that even in engineered societies with central planning, including a communist economy is also "genome based" - e.g. the twisted single genome of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Mao, Castro and other dictators). Stages 1-3 of modern "Genome Based Economy" are, therefore, shifts from an implicite, spontaneous ancient age to the explicit application of PostModern Genomics.

Genome Based Economy is envisioned as the result of affordable full human DNA sequences, processed by Personal Genome Computers (hybrids of traditional CPU with FPGA parallel chips). While hardware is available in a mushrooming fashion, "killer apps" are to be provided by HolGenTech, written on chip, with the most suitable OS for HoloGenomics.

Genome Based Economy will transform DNA Sequencing Industry, Genome Computing Industry, Personalized Health Care Industry, Personalized Pharma Industry, Biodefense, Agriculture and Food Industries, Bioenergy Industries, Personalized Consumer Preferences - resulting in a new global re-alignment of economies.

Why are all these news in green?

Because the new Genome Based Economy is also "Green Economy" since understanding genome regulation (also through the environment by epigenomic channels) is also the key to "Bioenergy", and "Green Computing".

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