* Footnote on the Thomas Kuhn "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" effect (a.k.a. "Doppelganger")


Google Tech Talk by Andras J. Pellionisz
October 30, 2008

See YouTube here - over 4,000 viewers

IT is not only ready, but eager.

However, is the entire community ready for the "Scientific Revolution" in Genomics becoming Informatics?

No. Late Thomas Kuhn (passed away in 1969) would predict desperate opposition to this revolution, as a routine.

A particularly crass example of anonymous cursers is doppelganger - see in her "profile" an interest in swearing.

One Janus-face is a self-claimed bored housewife. She is obviously emotionally disturbed. Search for "sad secrets" in "bored housewife" for her moving account of her troubles. One would feel even more empathy with her, if she'd stick to in-house swearing as a less harmful transference of an emotional dark side. We have to live with the fact that "hurt people hurt people".

The other (male) Janus-face of doppelganger also pretends to be a scientist (Associate Professor of Biology of an anonymous University) with zero credentials/name.

All anonymous blog-entries shall be disregarded.